We partner with organizations to develop/create their Human Resource plans and agenda from a strategic direction in an effort to ensure that the HR Function is comprehensively aligned with the vision and goals of the company. Our approach involves working closely with business partners to ensure that a tailored & unique approach is provided in ways that will ensure alignment of Talent to bring about a return on investment.

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Your most engaged employees are your most productive.

How do you achieve this?

You must align your people with your vision. It is the only true way.

HR is about ensuring that people are at the heart of everything we do. Only then will one recognize the true impact that employees have and that is the bottom line.


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We specialize in all key HR functions meticulously aligning human resource strategies with organizational goals to optimize workforce potential and drive sustained success.

Our Skills

Our human resource services offers tailored & strategic solutions in all areas of the HR function.

Human resource services encompass a broad spectrum of strategic and operational functions, including talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, and HR compliance. Professionals in this field possess crucial skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of the value and significance of a company’s workforce ensuring that they play a pivotal role in optimizing the company’s goals & objectives. We also understand the significance of nurturing a positive workplace environment.

  • Strategic HR Planning – 90%
  • Training & Development – 100%
  • Performance Management – 100%
  • Employee relations – 90%
  • Talent & Acquisition – 90%

“Empowering organizations through strategic human resource services — where talent meets transformation, and every employee’s potential is a catalyst for success.” 

Providing Excellent HR services with a unique touch

Our excellent HR Services stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the realm of human resources. Recognized for its innovation, effectiveness, and impact, our service has earned accolades for redefining industry standards. With a dedicated focus on understanding the unique needs of our clients, we have crafted a service that not only meets but exceeds expectations. We bring a wealth of experience & expertise to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of talent management, employee engagement, and organizational development. This recognition underscores our dedication to delivering unparalleled HR solutions, driving positive change within businesses and fostering environments where both employees and organizations thrive.


Our website testimonials feature authentic and heartfelt expressions of satisfaction from our valued users, providing a genuine reflection of the positive experiences and benefits they have gained from our services.

“Ms. Eugene is one of the best mentors and Human Resource Manager I had. She is
encouraging, motivating and yet expecting more. Ms. Eugene is truly an exceptional Human Resource
Manager. Smart, very responsive and maintains extreme calm during very stressful situations. I always
admired her tact in handling a disgruntled employee. She is a true visionary, always willing to share her
knowledge. She is by far one of the most talented manager I have had the pleasure to work with. She
embodies what most manager should aspire to become, tough on standard but soft on people.”


“Very rarely do you find such great qualities in someone who can balance any number of initiatives all at
once, whoever makes the decision to have her on their team would have chosen a winner and a key
player to their company’s future success”.


“We all go through difficult times in our lives and for me, that time came two years ago. I was navigating
a set of life-changing decisions, including a divorce.
I reached out to Kim (who I have not spoken to in quite some time), simply because I remembered her to
be a caring individual. Two years on, I am still very grateful for her assistance during that time. I found in
her, not just a sounding board but a teacher and a mentor. Her advice came from a wealth of knowledge
and experience and a passion to mentor and improve lives that I could actually feel. I am sure that I
would not have survived that time if I did not have her support when my own strength was lacking.”


“The velvet brick approach was understood and respected, the support was always felt, and special days
were celebrated in a big way. No team member was forgotten or over looked with personalized birthday
gifts, from the Social Club which she initiated. Local holidays were celebrated with a sense of family, a
holistic approach was taken in the wellbeing of each team member with scheduled early morning team
walks and massages that would melt away the pressures of the day. She believed in a well-rounded and
healthy work force through small gestures of kindness.
I have laughed and cried with her in times when I felt demotivated and depressed for reasons
sometimes outside of work related matters. My fears and frustrations were met with words of
inspiration, encouragement and a prospective that calmed my soul. She brings out the fighter and the
very best version of myself that I doubted at times ever existed.
Her training exercises drove down into the core buildup of each staff member with sessions designed to
understand why we are wired to behave in particular ways and how our personalities and core values
affect and contribute to our ability to handle stress and operate in our daily positions.
Ms. Eugene was an integral part of the thread that held JQ Charles Group of Companies together”


“Ms. Eugene is extremely personable and really connects with people. She does everything to ensure
client satisfaction. I really trust Ms. Eugene’s expertise in HR strategic planning. She reads between the
lines and makes things clear and concise. She is easy to work with and has a very strong client
satisfaction orientation. I think the world of Ms. Eugene and look forward to working with her for years
to come.”


“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that as a HR Manger you had done a real fabulous
job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. Of the many qualities, one of the biggest take-a-way is to watch
the way you discipline workers. You were “very” firm but fair, which caused the work force to respect
you. This I have adopted in my capacity as a manager and as a result I am seeing similar outcomes. You
are the true example of a leader. Thanks Kim!”


“In life you come across people who impact your life in ways words can’t describe. It takes a special
person to whole heartedly show care for a perfect stranger and to demonstrate genuine love
consistently. An HR Manager can do 9 to 5, but she always continued outside the 9-5.
Wearing the hat of HR Manager, mother, queen, sister, “Mrs. Claus”, aunt, confidant and sometimes
seemingly personal assistant to many simultaneously, requires skill, a high level of emotional
intelligence, grace and humility. These were all traits which she exhibits effortlessly with a touch of poise
and class.
The addition of Ms. Eugene into our company came at a time where she fostered camaraderie, team
spirit and a sense of pride into every team member which she touched.

“I have known Kim Eugene personally for the past 13 years and professionally for 8 years in her capacity
as HR Manager. Kim’s most excellent quality is her kind spirit and love for people. She was a true and
innovative leader. She had full understanding of the company’s strategy and helped foster its vision
through the projects that she implemented. She was extremely passionate about developing employees
to be engaged and as a result employee engagement increased tremendously when she came on board.
Strategically developing programs for recruiting and maintaining high quality talent for senior
management to line employees. Her excellent communication skills served her well in situations when
she had to act as mediator. She understood and always listened to employees and was able to provide
guidance on a wide range of HR issues. She was able to build relationships of trust with employees and
managers. She influenced new ways of doing things and was able to effectively manage change within
the organization. She changed the organization culture for the better.
There was no doubt that she thoroughly enjoyed her job. Her integrity and love for people always
shining through. She set the example by developing herself and skills sets when she gained her masters.
I would highly recommend Kim for any HR project or role that she endeavours to do.”


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