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1st Series
  • “The training was amazing. Ms. Eugene was great and very encouraging. The Team was
    wonderful as well”.
  • “I appreciate the fact that this workshop had a different approach and perspective about
    customer service. Best customer service workshop I have participated in so far”.
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the training, the information presented was well received and Ms. Eugene
    did an exceptional job, kudos to you, keep it up”
  • “Class was very insightful and has made a great impact on me, highly recommended”.
  • “I loved the fact that this was not just another customer service training, it was very engaging
    and most importantly it was a training to become the best version of yourself”
  • “Very informative, a pleasure to be there, classes could be extended to an entire week”
  • “I enjoyed every bit of information given. I loved the good work and comments everyone
    shared. We should have this training again”
  • “I was very pleased with this workshop. I believe that because it was more than a day, it gave
    me the opportunity to practice on afternoons what was learnt in the morning and report back to
    the facilitator the following day and to also ask pertinent questions. Very impressed with the
    facilitators knowledge”
  • “Customer service should be done twice a year to keep employees honest and open minded
    when dealing with customers”.
  • “Very informative and a different approach, not only about how to deal with ourselves but with
    others. Do unto others definitely rings true. I can definitely see aspects of this workshop being
    applied in my daily life”.
2nd Series
  •  “I learnt that simple changes in behavior can contribute to exceptional customer service. It is
    necessary for uplifting the standard of customer service in St. Lucia. This training should be done
    regularly and should not be a one-time training”.
  • “Everyone who works in customer service should get a chance to experience this training. It not
    only increases your knowledge of customer care, it also changes and impacts how you think and
    view yourself”.
  • “The training was exceptional. I will speak to my managing director to ensure that every single
    person attend this seminar.”
  • “Dealing with difficult customers was very helpful. The training was well deserved as I learnt a
  • “I learnt a lot, it was very informative. I learnt the important of communication in the workplace
    and learning to deal with customers who are experiencing personal problems”.
  • “The training was very interactive. It gave me a reminder of how I should behave in the
    workplace and also what I should bring to the table when dealing with customers to provide the
    best experience”.
  • “The training was very insightful and informative. It taught me how very important good
    customer care is because it reflects not only on the company I am representing, but on me as a
    person as well”.
  • “The training has taught me to be more considerate and patient with the customers because
    we never know what they are going through, the exercise on ‘what if” was very useful to me.
    The training was very informative and fun”.
  • “I learnt that you should not mirror a person’s emotions or attitude. The training was engaging,
    active and fun. It exceeded my expectations as it relates to the deliverance of the information
    given and taught”.
  • “I learnt that you should never mirror the customers’ behavior but instead be empathetic, the
    training was fun and engaging”.
  • “The training has showed and taught me about self-love, being a better person and learn to
    appreciate people on a whole. I learnt how to treat customers better and at a higher
    professional level”.
  • “Training was excellent, needed the refeshment, very informative. All companies should rotate
    staff yearly for those training sessions”.
  • “The training was very informative and fun.The presenter was engaging and made it very
    interesting for all.”
  • “I learnt self-control. I believe management should be part of this training”.
3rd Series
  • “Very helpful session. I learnt how to deal with different customer service situations and also
    how to deal with difficult customers”.
  • “It was a very educational session and I learnt how to deal with all customers”.
  • “Just being at the session was useful and everything else that followed.”
  • “I learnt how to remain calm and how to respond and deal with customers”.
  • “I learnt the importance of acknowledging customers, to be more self-aware and have self-
    control, and although at times the customers may be difficult we should never take it personal
    because we never know what they are going through”.
  • “The training was eventful, it was not just listening but it had interactive activities. Ms. Eugene
    taught us new things with the way in which she taught and also all the activities planned”.
  • “I learnt how to remain calm while dealing with difficult and irate customers. The facilitator is
    fantastic, she definitely knows her job, and she knew how to keep us engaged and to
    participate. I can definitely say I have learnt a lot in the 3days. I will recommend that companies
    use her for training”.
  • “This was a very informative session and I believe that managers and supervisors should do this
    workshop so that they can work better with their employees”.
  • “I must say this training was very good and it taught me how I should respond to customers”.
  • “This training was very informative and taught me how to handle various situations at work.”
  • “The training was great, customer care is important in the workplace”.
  • “I support and agree with the need to elevate the level of service proivded. I enjoyed the
    training, I think what was taught will elevate me more in my position and the work that I do”.
  • “This was a very informative training, I believe it should be done with all employees and their
    respective supervisors and managers. What was most useful to me is to never take anything
    personal, to put myself in the customer’s shoes and to greet customers with a welcoming tone
    and that body language is important in how we communicate.”
  • “All information received was useful to me. This training is vital and should to be provided to all employees”.
  • “This training was very informative and educational. I was taught to not take anything personal”.
  • “I learnt about the importance of excellent customer service, self-respect, knowing who I am,understanding the importance of gratitude and making a difference.”
  • “It was very informative. The facilitator was very good and I enjoyed the session. I understoodthat customer care is more about an attitude, it becomes part of who you are in your everydaylife. It was very useful to me in terms of handling situations and controlling my attitude.”
  • “This training was very informative, I learnt a lot. Customer care is very important”.
  • It was educational and I learnt quite a lot about how to deal with customers”
4th Series
  • “It was a very educational training. It helps you as person make positive changes in your life,
    only positive people can influence others positively. A positive environment is powerful for a
    productive environment”.
  • “Totally agree with the angle the training took, it was from a personal area. I learnt how to fill
    my cup daily, importance of gratitude and affirmations”.
  • “This was an informative and uplifting trainin. It will make me a better person.”
  • “Best customer service training I have experienced. Facilitator was very engaging and
    knowledgeable, delivered points in a very effective manner. I would recommend this workshop
    to all employees in all organizations across all sectors because it is very beneficial. I learnt how
    to deal with difficult customers, how to deescalate tense situations and to not take the
    interaction personal and also the importance of being empathetic”.
  • “I learnt how to fill my cup, this training was about learning to start with me as an individual
    and how I could make a difference with internal and external customers. It was knowledgeable,
    informative, exciting and fun”.
  • “The training was very informative and fun. Ms. Eugene inspired and taught us helpful tips on
    what to say and not to say to customers. What stuck with me most was being self-aware of my
    emotions and those around me in order to better handle situations. Another thing that stayed
    with me was to fill my cup in order to give someone from a cup that is full and also the power of
  • “I am extremely happy I came to this training even though I was apprehensive at first, this
    training is very different from all training sessions I have attended. I am very happy and thankful
    that I attended this workshop”.
  • “This training was very inspiring and educational and it would be an honor to receive another
    customer service training. It was enlightening and fun. This information I received will definitely
    make me a much better person in my everyday life. I am motivated”.
  • “I believe that this training was very insightful and provided much needed information to be
    excellent in customer service. Being empathetic is very vital in providing an excellent service”.
  • “This customer service training was great”.
  • “This training was well received and I had a lot to learn, there was a lot of positive energy
    through the training. The most important thing is to provide the best service, to be kind and
    respectful at all times”.
  • “The training was very informative and practical. I really enjoyed it”.
  • “I took onboard everything, this training was awesome. Ms. Eugene was great”.
  • “Everything was great. The information was great, I learnt a lot and I am grateful for thistraining. I give thanks.
  • “This training has been very helpful to me, very informative and knowledgebale. I had awonderful time, time was well spent, the energy was great. Filling your cup- this resonated withme, I never saw it this way or viewed it in this light.”
  • “This training was knowledgeable and eye opening, it didn’t only focus on customer service butfocused on individuals as a whole and how we have to change and be better versions ofourselves, to believe in ourselves and our worth. The information that was most useful wasfilling my cup becaue I cannot give from an empty cup or solve issues if my cup is empty. It isimportant to do so in order to properly provide great service”.
  • “The training was very educational and informative, it helped me take a better look at my selfand appreciate myself more. The information that was most useful was how to be empathic andthe different ways we could put ourselves in the customers shoes, also the method of evaluatingyourself so that you could have a better attitude when dealing with customers.”
  • “This training was very well deserved, especially how we deal with internal and external customers.”

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