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HRM Mapping Consulting INC.

Our Curated Services

  • Strategic HR Planning
  • HR Audit & Assessment
  • Organizational Planning & Development
  • Employee Engagement Plans
  • Talent Alignment & Recruitment Services “A TARS STRATEGY”
  • Benefits & Compensations (Total Rewards)
  • Training & Development
    • Customer Care (how we serve others)
    • Effective Communication skills
    • Supervisory Skills
    • Performance Management
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Mitigation of Risk
  • Building & Developing HR Departments
  • Coaching & Mentoring

Strategic HR Planning

Assess the company’s overall vision to help determine the best fit HR Plan for the Company. Based on this understanding a plan will be submitted to ensure that the HR Plans and functions are overall aligned with the Vision and Mission of the company.

HR Audit & Assessment

  • Payroll audits.
  • Review of employee files to ensure proper documentation.
  • Review of HR filing systems.
  • Review of company policies to ensure relevance, proper composition & practices in accordance with company’s expectations.
  • Review of company forms required.

Organizational Planning & Development

  • Review and implementation of HR Strategies aligned with the goals and vision of the organization.
  • Perform needs assessment surveys to determine skills gaps & training deficiencies.
  • Develop a training and improvement plan to bridge the gap between actual performance and expected performance.
  • Review of all Job descriptions to ensure alignment with company & departmental goals.
  • Develop KPI’s for each position.
  • Implementation of a performance management system
  • A critical assessment of how your team is performing, whether they are effectively contributing to the bottom line or the company’s plans; whether they are high performing employees who need to be recognized or whether they are low performing employees who need to be retrained, up skilled or require a dedicated performance developmental plan to assist in the areas they are failing.
  • Designing a system that involves the four basic components of assessing and evaluating your team members. A must in any organization for alignment with company goals.
  • The review and creation of job descriptions with Key Performance Indicators that drives success.
  • Development of Employee improvement and developmental plans- Many organizations are now making this a must in their strategic planning. An essential tool in succession planning. This initiative also takes the format of coaching employees in their current position for potential positions that they have the ability to fill, this allows for organizational wide training and an increase in the company’s human capital. This is a vital and key component in ensuring business continuity especially when faced with unforeseen circumstances, it allows the company to pivot immediately to address matters that might have otherwise been problematic.
  • Manpower planning based on company goals/vision

Employee Engagement Plans

  • Develop employee engagement plans to ensure that employees are connected and aligned with the expectations of the company and are aware of how they are contributing to the bottom line.
  • Conduct employee stay interviews and create plans to address concerns and issues.
  • To develop plans for rewarding and recognizing employees performance to maintain engagement.
  • To provide guidance on how to address ‘disengaged and actively disengaged employees’

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

Sourcing talent based on company goals and objectives

A T&R strategy will focus on the following:

  • Recruitment goals
  • Future Talent (headcount planning, employee needs)- planning for short term, medium term and long term needs
  • Ideal candidate profile – clear on the type of candidates required (such as personality, attitude)
  • Defining and being clear about the employee value proposition
  • Method of sourcing
  • Candidates selection- based on a clear alignment with the goals of the company.
  • Onboarding process – This ensures that your new recruits achieve exactly what they have been hired to do. The goal is to ensure that new team members are clear on the culture, working relationships, on what will breed success and most importantly how to be a productive & valuable team member.
  • Coaching and mentoring of all selected candidates after the selection process
  • Negotiation of employee contracts


      • Review and creation of employee SOPs, employee handbooks (policies& procedures).Though this might seem mundane, an employee handbook can safeguard you from a number of difficult situations and legal issues. An employee handbook governs what is expected and accepted at work and what is not. The policies are written to safeguard the employer and the employee.
      • HR processes (handbook) to guide Managers on how to handle various employee related matters. This creates efficiencies in the workplace especially for managers who are new to managing people. It also allows for fairness and ensures that best practices are followed.
      • Research on HR software regarding needs of the company and providing recommendations.
      • Providing administrative support such as management of leave and benefits.
      • Conducting employee background checks.
      • Creating employee template forms such as attendance, vacation, disciplinary forms.

        Benefits & Compensation

        • Conduct annual salary survey of companies in related industries to compare and analyze benefits and salaries across sectors to ensure competitiveness.
        • Job re-evaluation in relation to employee compensation.
        • Calculation of redundancy/severance payments.
        • Negotiating with employees as it relates to all contracts, compensation and benefits to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.
        • Provide recommendations on best fit strategies for reward and recognition (total rewards)
        • Communication strategy to ensure team members understanding of the company’s benefits.
        • Management of the Company’s medical plan.
          • Collecting and processing all medical claims for employees
          • Point of contact on all claim related issues
          • Negotiating the best insurance rates for the company
          • Fast tracking any urgent major medical issue
        • Management of Company Uniform
          • Sourcing uniforms locally, regionally or internationally
          • Point of contact with suppliers
          • Point of contact for negotiating prices
          • Point of contact for all company logos

          Training and Development

          • To administer or source appropriate training for all members of staff in keeping with organizational learning as well as specific training needs based on deficiencies and gaps.
          • To align team members with the company’s vision, mission and core values.
          • To groom team members assuming new roles/positions to be the best that they can be.
          • Assessing employees’ skills before and after training to evaluate effectiveness of training.
          • To build & secure a succession plan for each unit/location to ensure business continuity.
            • Training Topics includes, but not limited to-
              • Customer Care
              • Job Readiness
              • Effective Communication
              • Supervisory skills
              • Performance Management
              • HR Management
              • Leadership Coaching
              • Sales Training

          Mergers and Acquisitions

          • Implementation of strategies to retain High performing employees.
          • Preparation of Redundancies and Termination packages.
          • Implementation of Redeployment strategies.
          • Culture change strategies.

          Mitigation of Risk


          • Review all employee forms/ documentation semi-annually to ensure compliance and to avoid risk.
          • Point of contact for all employee labour matters.
          • Provide best fit and best practice recommendation on disciplinary matters.

          Ongoing HR Support

          • Sourcing Temporary assistance.
          • Organizational developmental plans and recommendations.
          • Talent and recruitment.
          • Implementation and assistance with performance development plans.
          • Creation of Policies and company handbooks.
          • Employee relation matters.
          • Health and Safety guidelines and plans
          • Benefits program
          • Onboarding programs
          • Training

          Development and Creation of HR Departments

          • Develop best fit HR plans and policies
          • Design the HR unit to meet the needs of all departments and by extension the company.
          • Hire & coach the right HR Team
          • Continued HR support