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1st publication as of December 2023. Purchase your copy now for inspiration, motivation and hope, whilst on your Journey.



This memoire delves into our lives as a ‘journey’ and puts life into perspective with a better understanding of why we are here. It underscores the importance of focusing on who we are while filling our cups through the various chapters that we traverse. Most profoundly, it offers an understanding that no two journeys are the same and where we are is exactly where we should be. It is one mirrored with numerous turns whether right or wrong, but in the midst of all this are beautiful pathways and the pivotal shedding of the old and birthing of the new.

There are no coincidences in this life. It is about making the most on this journey because there is a reason we are here and a purpose we are serving. It is eye opening in many regards and encourages one to examine the dark places that we all sometimes find ourselves, in an effort to bring forth the light that we all so desperately need. The word journey has always resonated with me hence the title of the book. Over the last couple of years I have realized that every aspect of my life was part of my inevitable journey and they were all part of a bigger plan. We are not here by accident.
Everything we go through or have been going through in life is an experience we must all go through: the challenges, the blessings, the darkness & the light.

Why read this memoire? Everyone is going through their own battle, mentally or otherwise and on this journey, we experience different emotions, adversities, yet blissful moments during various chapters. How we manage what happens on this journey is an indication of how well we are all learning and comprehending who we are and the reason for our existence; further it gives insight into our understanding of the purpose we serve and the lessons we are learning or have learnt. Take a leap of faith with me and explore this memoir from stem to stern and understand that after you have read this piece it wasn’t a coincidence at all.

As the journey continues learn to appreciate every chapter you are on understanding that no two chapters will ever be the same and where you are in this moment in time is exactly where you should be.

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